Q&A Angela Clutton

Angela Clutton, food writer and food historian The cookbook that has most influenced your cooking Niki Segnit’s Flavour Thesaurus is one that I pull out more than […]
Mar 18, 2019 /

The Essence of Time

Sophie Hart-Walsh takes a tour round the culinary hotspots of Soho with Jenny Linford author of a book about the complexities of time in food […]
Mar 15, 2019 /

Q&A Richard Bertinet

Richard Bertinet, baker, author, founder of the Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School and Bakery and BBC Food Champion The cookbook that has most influenced your cooking? Lionel Poilane's […]
Mar 6, 2019 /

It ain’t chattin’ food’

Christopher Hirst reports on a legendary hot chicken outlet in Nashville recent issue of the New Yorker contained an article that was deeply disturbing to […]
Feb 24, 2019 /

Sandwich Heaven

Inexpensive cure-all for hunger pangs, hangovers and heartache, the sandwich is a culinary work of art says Sophie Hart-Walsh hen I get round to pitching the […]
Feb 24, 2019 /

Orwell's extra-mature marmalade

Christopher Hirst reports on how George Orwell’s marmalade recipe has finally gained appeal after 70 years oinciding with the arrival of Seville oranges in January, this […]
Feb 20, 2019 /

Q&A Chris Corbin

Chris Corbin OBE, restaurateur, Chairman of the charity Leuka and founding partner of Who's Cooking Dinner The cookbook that has most influenced your cooking? I would say […]
Feb 5, 2019 /

Oscar at Table

scar Wilde was far from averse to food. Before his imprisonment, there were cruel remarks about his ballooning bulk and, following his release, friends maintained […]
Feb 4, 2019 /

A Great Day for Aunt Bessie

Christopher Hirst finds that size matters when it comes to Yorkshire pudding ou might not have known that 3 February this year was Yorkshire Pudding Day […]
Feb 3, 2019 /

Turtle Soup

Turning to turtle: how Mrs Beeton catered for the aspirations of her readers The impossible recipe is commonplace today. The bestselling cookbooks by Heston Blumenthal, Thomas […]
Jan 9, 2019 /

Eat Up!

In her recent book Eat Up!, the food writer Ruby Tandoh urges us to put pleasure back on the plate.  At Bread&Oysters we couldn't agree […]
Jan 4, 2019 /