Cheesy delights

o yourself a massive favour and also help independent British cheesemakers by ordering Neal's Yard Dairy's new British cheese box.  Independent British cheese makers who […]
Apr 18, 2020 /

A bowl of gruel with Mr Woodhouse

magine being in lockdown with Mr Woodhouse. It’d undoubtably end badly, but since we’re all hypochondriacs now, racing to the computer at the slightest sign […]
Apr 15, 2020 /

One Dozen Eggs for Easter

classy box of twelve unadorned mini eggs in dark, milk or white chocolate, flavoured with hazelnut, caramel, almond, nougatine, pecan and pistachio, made by […]
Apr 11, 2020 /

Treat of the week: Chocolate Lemons

hen life gives you lemons... as it seems it might have done this Easter, make them chocolate ones. Waitrose's lemon-flavoured, decorated hollow white chocolate lemons […]
Apr 9, 2020 /

Q&A Angela Clutton

Angela Clutton, food writer and food historian The cookbook that has most influenced your cooking? Niki Segnit’s Flavour Thesaurus is one that I pull out more than […]
Apr 8, 2020 /

Persian love cake by Yasmin Khan

This enchanting cake reminds me of a Persian garden in the late spring, adorned with the floral scent of rose water and citrus, and decorated […]
Apr 7, 2020 /

Alice’s marmalade

How Mrs Liddell’s recipe spread across the world... By Christopher Hirst ither the well was very deep, or she fell very slowly, for she had plenty […]
Jan 27, 2020 /

Q&A Valentine Warner

Valentine Warner, cook, food writer and broadcaster The cookbook that has most influenced your cooking The Independent Cook by Jeremy Round. It was the first book that […]
Jan 13, 2020 /

Iris Murdoch's four minute feasts

"For lunch, I may say, I ate and greatly enjoyed the following: anchovy paste on hot buttered toast, then baked beans and kidney beans with […]
Jan 10, 2020 /

Treat of the week: Baskets

nder everything there's something.  If your culinary life resembles this graphic description of the heaped piles of paraphernalia to be found in Somerville and Ross's […]
Nov 28, 2019 /

Q&A Vicky Bennison

Vicky Bennison, writer and founder of the Pasta Grannies Project The cookbook that has most influenced your cooking Deborah Madison’s The Greens Cookbook. I’m not vegetarian but […]
Nov 19, 2019 /