Anselm likes tripe

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The culinary preferences of German painter Anselm Kiefer were revealed on a recent stroll round New York’s West Side

Kiefer reached the river, and walked north. He recalled the area as he first knew it, on visits to New York in the Seventies and Eighties; he had explored unsafe piers, and watched the demolition of the old elevated highway. He noted, unhappily, tidy modern landscaping; he then recalled his recent disquiet on finding that he had begun to paint flowers. ‘Too popular,’ he said, and laughed. ‘Too affirmative.’ Near the Christopher Street Pier, he was cheered by the sight of a dead rat. Its innards were gone, perhaps eaten by a bird. ‘Oh, that’s a real rat. Fantastic.’ He crouched to take photographs. ‘Like lions, the alpha animal gets the liver,’ he said, and paused. ‘I like intestines. Tripe.’

From the New Yorker 3 July 2017

Photo credit: [ changó ] via