New Year Cocktail: The Ward 8

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The slightly eerie name of this classic cocktail actually refers to an electoral district in Boston. In 1898, the concoction was invented in the bar of the Locke-Ober restaurant to celebrate the election of one Martin Lomasney to the state’s legislature. Curiously, the celebration occurred before the election since the election of Lomasney was a foregone conclusion. In other words, the fix was in. If so, the topers who raised their glasses to the victor were in for a nasty surprise. Lomasney turned out to be an ardent prohibitionist.  Along with every other bar in the country, the Locke-Ober had to close its wine rooms when Prohibition was enforced in 1920. Mercifully, booze was restored to the restaurant in 1933 when the country finally saw sense. The Locke-Ober continued serving cocktails, including plenty of Ward 8s, until it closed its doors in 2012. The building has since been transformed into Yvonne’s, ’a modern interpretation of the supper club’, and, yes, it serves a version of the Ward 8. Refreshing and moreish, the Ward 8 is dangerously alluring, exactly the sort of compound most likely to fuel the ire of the Prohibition lobby. High time to give it a whirl. By Christopher Hirst

For one drink:

60ml rye whiskey
15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
15m fresh squeezed orange juice
5ml grenadine

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker and add plenty of ice. Shake vigorously and strain into martini glass. Happy New Year