Q&A: Andre Lima de Luca

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Andre Lima de Luca,  Brazilian pit master


The cookbook that has most influenced your cooking

Hard to say one cookbook… Maybe  Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking  by Marcella Hazan (1992). Tremendous book, classic, big inspiration. One of the first cookbooks that I got, beautiful…

Most memorable food you ate in childhood

Probably my first food memory,  the taste and smell of my grandma’s slow cooked tomato sauce. Absolutely perfect, she used to start it in the day before ( Saturday) and serve on Sunday

Your favourite food shop

There are so many… I will mention some of them: I love KaDeWe ( Berlin), Fortnum & Mason ( London), Eataly ( NYC), The Meat Merchant ( Ireland) and Borough Market ( London)

Most memorable meal in  film/literature/painting

This is easy. I saw this movie at least 12 times. The scene in Goodfellas, dinner in prison. Paul Sorvino thin slicing the garlic with a razor blade is epic

Your worst kitchen disaster

Once I invited a lot of friends to a burger night at my apartment. All set, beautiful bun, fresh burgers, good cheese, homemade mayo, bacon, salad. But I forgot to check one thing: the gas bottle. Full house and we became out of gas.  We had to call a burger place close to the apartment and ask for delivery

The first thing you taught your children to cook/ or were taught yourself

My first memory in the kitchen was helping my grandma stuffing the rigatoni with little mozzarella sticks. I was probably four or five years old. My kids love barbecue, they are always looking the prep and the way to do it. And always say: Dad, we don’t need to say that we want our meat medium rare. Right?

What would you like your final meal to be?

Ribeye cap, medium rare, with  sauce béarnaise  and fries

What is your secret talent [in or out of the kitchen]?

Patience and humility.  I can spend months testing a single recipe or beef cut. I believe we can always improve a recipe or technique. We are learning every single day. There are so many people cooking extraordinary food on this planet that it is a privilege be able to learn and try different recipes and techniques

What did you eat for breakfast today?

A sandwich (grilled cheese and fried egg, soft egg yolk), double espresso,  juice (pineapple, lime, mint) and half a papaya

Which seasonal food do you most look forward to?

A Brazilian fruit, called jabuticaba. Absolutely phenomenal

Andre Lima de Luca will be appearing at  Meatopia, 2-4 September at Tobacco Dock E1, tickets from £22.50, for details visit meatopia.co.uk