Q&A Jose Pizarro

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Jose Pizarro, award-winning Spanish chef (one of the ‘100 espanoles’), author, co-founder of Brindias restaurants and chef-owner of Jose Pizarro, tapas bar

The cookbook that has most influenced your cooking

Many of them but mostly The Food of Spain by Claudia Roden

The food of love… What would you cook to impress a potential date?

I never cook for a first date, we would go to a restaurant

Your top five dinner guests, dead or alive

  • Picasso
  • Madonna
  • Tracey Emin
  • Obama
  • Martin Luther King

Fast food –  your top snack tip

My luxury fast food would be Jamón Iberico Cinco Jotas

Most memorable meal in film/literature/painting

  • Film: Breakfast at Tiffany´s
  • Literature: Como Agua para Chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate) by Laura Esquivel. The main character makes her sister´s husband fall in love with her through her cooking
  • Painting: Leonardo Da Vinci´s The Last Supper

Your worst kitchen disaster

I made a mess in my brother´s kitchen before I was a chef. I put chocolate in a food processor, the lid was not properly closed and all the chocolate went all over the room!

What do you eat when you get home from the pub [or similar]

Something spicy like fried potatoes with plenty of chilli

What would you like your final meal to be?

  • Baby goat stew with a nice glass of red
  • Good plate of Jamón Iberico with a glass of Palo Cortado
  • Leche frita (fried milk) with a glass of Moscatel

What is your secret talent [in or out of the kitchen]?


What did you eat for breakfast today?

Porridge with berries

Most over-rated/ under-rated food/seasoning/gadget

  • Avocado (over-rated)
  • Seafood in tins (under-rated)
  • Salt, people don´t put enough value in this amazing product. (under-rated)
  • Spiralizer (over-rated)

Your inheritance recipes – the one you inherited [and from whom] and the one you’d like to pass on to your children

My mum´s baby goat stew


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