The Bloody Maria

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Christopher Hirst tries a Bloody Mary variant that works better than the original

Hard-core Bloody Mary fans may shudder but by substituting tequila for vodka, you end up with a more interesting drink. The Bloody Maria is close to Sangrita, the two-glass cocktail that is the preferred way of consuming tequila in Mexico. In one glass you have tequila, in the other a mixture of tomato and pomegranate juices augmented with salt, sugar. lime juice and Tabasco. There is some dispute among aficionados over whether you take a sip of tequila followed by a sip of Sangrita and use your mouth as a cocktail shaker or whether you swallow sequentially. Personally, I prefer the former and so did the lunchtime diner I once saw in Mexico City, who took the drink in the form of two huge beakers.

Though the Sangrita is splendid, the Bloody Maria is a little closer to our cocktail traditions (and you don’t have to juggle two glasses). When I tried one made with Patron Silver, the full-strength tequila made with 100 per cent agave, on my tasting panel (Mrs Hirst), the response was little short of ecstatic. ‘Oh that does go down well. Sweeter and more interesting than a vodka Bloody Mary. And you don’t want to glug it down.’  Since the tomato was first utilised as a food in Mexico, its happy marriage with tequila should come as no surprise.


For one drink

40ml tequila

110ml chilled tomato juice

15ml fresh lemon juice

Dash each of Worcester sauce and Tabasco

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Mix together in a squat beaker and serve with slice of lemon as a garnish

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