Top Ten Easter Eggs

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Hitting the sweet spot: which are the best eggs in town?


IKEA’s self-assembly VÅRKÄNSLA chocolate bunny

Don’t panic: this flat-pack milk chocolate rabbit contains only three pieces. Made from certified cacao from sustainable sources. Who can put theirs together fastest?


Bettys Centenary Egg

To celebrate their centenary, Bettys have crafted this pretty white chocolate egg – its pretty pink shell reflects the shade that its founder, Frederick Belmont, chose for the first Bettys café. Hand-finished with silver lustre, green stems and white wild roses.


Stroppy Teenager Milk Chocolate Luxury Easter Egg with Praline Quail’s Eggs and Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs

Not even the most fractious Kevin could stay moody for long after receiving this little beauty: a 40% cocoa extra thick milk chocolate egg, filled with five creamy Praline Quail Eggs and five gooey Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs.


Solid Chocolate Egg

Available in 5 flavours – Milk, Dark, White, Caramel Milk and Colombian. Each egg contains 750g of high quality Belgian chocolate split into 42 bite size pieces.   £24.99

The Chocoloate Society’s Vegan Easter Eggs

Made from a creamy fruit chocolate, the fruit replaces the cocoa and is 100% dairy free.  Flavours include intense Strawberry and a zingy Passion Fruit.








Waitrose Caramel Chocolate Golden Egg



£10, 235g