What’s new plus Five of the Best… Late Summer Treats

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Kute cakes

Great-looking box of brownies, dense, thick dark chocolate interior, vibrant flavoured ganache toppings inc mint, cherry, mango and strawberry, coffee and banana. Order a customised box for letter-box delivery

Kute Cakes, £24 for a box of 8, kutecake.co.uk

Bit of a drip

The Tate Shop’s Paint Drip Collection features white mugs, jugs, glasses and tea towels decorated with artfully-applied multi-coloured paint drips

Paint drip collection from £9 for a tea towel available shop.tate.org.uk

Essential student kitchen kit

Essential in every kitchen in fact – the Tala Cooks Measure is calibrated for both imperial and metric weights and measures (liquids as well as solids) for the most common ingredients (eg flour, rice, lentils etc) which are marked on the inside. It’s quick, easy and does away with the need for large and fancy scales. Brilliant

Tala Cooks Measure, £11.95 from most kitchen shops

Five of the best…. Late Summer Treats

Healthy Ice cream

A sugar-free, vegan ice cream that comes chocka-a-block with vitamins, minerals and added dietary fibre doesn’t sound like much of a treat, but you’d be wrong. Perfect World Ice Cream is made from a creamy confection of blended nuts and coconut milk, and offers all the pleasures of its dairy cousin. Flavours in the range include Caramel Pecan, Double Choc Chip, Sweet Espresso and Mint Choc Chip. A special round of applause for the fresh green Pistachio and summery Raspberry Ripple. Between 344-423 calories per tub.

Perfect World Ice cream, from £3.99/500ml available  at Ocado

Positive potions

All-natural botanical drink-drops made from organic herbs, flowers, roots and vegetables grown in Anglesey. Four flavours (mood-lifting Love: rose, elderflower, lemon verbena; antioxidant Flow: nettle, peppermint, thyme; cleansing Power: dandelion, burdock, sumac; immune-stimulating Bliss: cornflour, field artichoke), sugar- and sweetener-free. Add a couple of drops to water and drink

Positive potions, £7.99/30ml or £30 for all four potions, available positivepotions.co.uk

Rosé Vin de France  Domaine Puech-Berthier

Great, heat-busting Rose, Cuvee ‘Fanny’ 2017 is a blend of Cinsault and Grenache grapes, beautifully pale in colour, faintly perfumed finish

£8.95 a bottle or £107.40 for a case of 12 including delivery from Fingal Rock, 64 Monnow St Monmouth, 01600 712372 or visit pinotnoir.co.uk

Blackcurrant Sundae Cake

Make the most of the last days of summer with a glorious  pink cake decorated with blackcurrant mascarpone frosting encasing layers of lime sponge filled with blackcurrant jam

Blackcurrant Sundae Cake, £34/7in round (feeds 8-12) from konditorandcook.com

Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat’s rare and vintage tasting box, single-origin chocolate (eg Ecuador 70% supermilk, Colombia 75% dark almond praline), enrobed nuts and fruit (eg Piedmont hazelnuts tumbled in 100% Ecuador), cocoa nibs

£22.95/280g or sign up for a monthly delivery (from £60). For details visit hotelchocolat.com